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What does “integrative therapy” mean?

Integrative therapy draws on different techniques and healing modalities to address the particular needs of each client.  For example, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral.  The social work perspective also addresses individuals within the larger context of their total environment, considering family, professional life, and cultural concerns.  Integrative can also refer to seeing an individual as the total of mind, body, and spirit.


How long does a session last?


Most sessions last 50-55 minutes.  However, some insurance companies only authorize 45 minute sessions.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using insurance?


Insurance companies and plans vary widely in the portion of the session that will be paid.  Some plans put a limit on the number of visits. Plans will pay different amounts for in-network and out-of –network providers.  This may limit your choice of providers.

Some information must be provided to insurance companies, such as diagnosis, in order for them to pay for the services.  Some plans also limit diagnoses they will treat.

Many clients choose to pay the fee for service themselves to insure greater privacy and control.


What will I be expected to pay at the first visit?


You will need to pay any co-payment or coinsurance that your insurance company requires.  If your coverage has a deductible, you will have to pay for all sessions until your deductible has been satisfied.  If you have a health savings account,  you can  submit the charges for reimbursement.  Cash and checks are accepted.


Do you accept insurance in your office?

Yes, I am an in-network provider with many insurance plans and EAP networks.  I will also accept insurance from plans with out-of-network benefits.  I am a Medicare provider as well


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